Article I: NAME

The name is DMV Alumni Chapter of the Xavier University of Louisiana National Alumni Association. This organization may also be referred to as DMV Alumni Chapter, XULA DMV Alumni Chapter and Club 5.


Section 1. PURPOSE
To promote the interests of Xavier University of Louisiana, also known as XULA or, for our purposes, the University. Our principal beneficiaries are said academic institution and its stakeholders, as deemed appropriate.

Establish and encourage mutually beneficial relations between the University and its Alumni. Promote and preserve friendly relations among the Alumni, wherever they may be, but in particular among those living and/or working in the DMV area (i.e. District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia) of the United States. We recognize and welcome the special charge inherent to our being the chapter of the National Capital Region of the United States.

The DMV Alumni Chapter is a nonprofit organization as defined under the guidelines of IRS 501(c)(3) status and is covered under the umbrella certifications granted to Xavier University of Louisiana.


All Alumni, former students of XULA in good standing with the University, and FOXes shall be eligible for Membership in DMV Alumni Chapter.

A. Alumni Members
Any graduate of XULA in good standing with the University.  Alumni Members are eligible to hold office and to vote provided a contribution has been made to Club 5 in an amount not less than specified in Chapter Guidelines.
B. Associate Members
Any student who has matriculated at Xavier University and has withdrawn in good standing, after having completed a minimum of one semester, shall be eligible for Associate Membership in the DMV Alumni Chapter upon completion of the class(es) in which he or she was enrolled; provided a contribution is made to Club 5 in an amount not less than specified in the Chapter Guidelines. Associate Members shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of Alumni Members, can vote, but are not eligible to hold an elected office in the DMV Chapter.
C. Friends of Xavier (FOX)
Any person who supports the University and/or the DMV Alumni Chapter by deed and finance can be deemed a Friend of Xavier (FOX). FOX Members are eligible to vote, if financial with Club 5 in an amount not less than specified in the Chapter Guidelines, but are not eligible to hold office in the DMV Alumni Chapter.

A. Any person falling within a Class of Membership identified in Article III Section 2 who is financial with Club 5 and in good standing shall be considered an Active Member.  Active membership shall last for one academic year.  The academic year is to last from July 1st to June 30th.  


Section l. PRESIDENT
A. Provide leadership and support to the DMV Alumni Chapter. That person will preside over Executive Board and General Body Meetings in accordance with the By-Laws. The President will provide support and direction to the Chapter.
B. Perform executive duties in accordance with By-Laws, assist with events and fundraising, and serve as spokesperson for the DMV Alumni Chapter.
C. Serves as Ex-Officio on all committees.

A. Support the President and Executive Board Leadership in accomplishment of the Chapter’s Objectives. In the absence of the President, he or she will perform all the duties and exercise all the powers conferred upon the President.
B. Support the President in execution of his or her executive responsibilities and fulfilling the club agenda.
C. Keep informed of activities and well-being of leadership.
D. Understand and articulate the status of affairs of the President, Executive Board and General Body.
E. Identify and allocate resources to drive initiatives where additional support is needed.

Section 3. TREASURER
A. Support the DMV Alumni Chapter and Executive Board members with financial and budgetary objectives. Monitor all financial accounts of Club 5 to ensure accountability of funds.    
B. Keep up-to-date records on all financial transactions. Provide financial reports as requested.
C. Receive and deposit funds from members and donors.
D. Write checks to vendors and/or members for reimbursement on authorized purchases or services made on behalf of the chapter.
E. Remain informed of activities and the well being of leadership and execution of the chapter agenda.
F. Understand and articulate the status of affairs of the President, Executive Board and General Body.
G. Identify and allocate resources to drive initiatives where additional support is needed.
H. Participate in Chapter activities.

A. Record Executive Board and General Body meeting minutes and chapter votes.
B. Maintain and update chapter calendar.
C. Provide minutes to members as needed or requested.
D. Participate in Chapter activities.

A. Serve as a technology resource to the Executive Board. Foster growth via digital media. Maintain the Website and Club E-mail.
B. Maintain email and other contact lists.
C. Use various forms of media to inform the DMV Xavier community on upcoming events and announcements.
D. Attend General Body meetings and Participate in Chapter activities.
E. Assist with Membership and reclamation tasks.
F. Assist or manage IT-related tasks.
G. Maintain oversight of social media and other correspondence pertaining to DMV Alumni Chapter affairs.

A. Support the Goals and Objectives of the DMV Alumni Chapter with financial status and reports to enable planning and implementation of activities.
B. Keep written record of funds received and bank deposits with proper receipts.
C. Reconcile all financial actions with the Treasurer received directly or electronically.
D. Submit current financial reports, signed and dated, to the Executive Board and membership.
E. Collaborate with the Executive Leadership to establish financial goals of Chapter.
F. Collaborate with the Treasurer to monitor and maintain financial records and reports. 
G. Participate in Chapter activities.

A. Ensure that appropriate procedures are consistently and fairly applied in meetings.
B. Advise officers and members of appropriate applications of parliamentary authority, as well as potential adaptations of such (Roberts Rules of Order, etc).
C. Assist in the installation of new officers by administering the oath of office. In the absence of the Parliamentarian, this task should be carried out by the highest sitting officer present.
D. Participate in Chapter activities


Section 1. BY-LAWS
By-laws shall be reviewed by an ad-hoc committee appointed by the President.  Upon completion of the By-laws, members in good standing shall be notified of the meeting at which the by-laws will be voted upon.

The By-laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members in good standing who are present at any regular or called General Body Meeting.


A. The Executive Board (E-Board) shall publicize a schedule; listing every regular General Body Meeting (GBM) to be held during the calendar year. This schedule must be made available to the Membership in January or during the  4th Quarter of previous year.
B. The above schedule should include not only days and dates, but times and locations of meetings. If this information is deemed tentative, such must be made clear publicly. If such details have not been readily established by the above deadline, the Membership must be kept abreast as the Board moves quickly to solidify such details.
C. Regular General Body Meetings should be held on a bimonthly basis. However, the Executive Board, in consultation with the Membership, reserves the right to alter this frequency when planning the schedule for the upcoming year.
D. Having consulted the General Body, the E-Board may opt for an occasional General Body Meeting of some virtual nature. This option may be selected only with extraordinary justification and with a clearly established plan of execution.
E. The E-Board may alter the publicized calendar of General Body Meetings only under extraordinary circumstances, e.g. treacherous weather conditions or unforeseen events of major national significance or major significance to the DMV.
F. A change of the publicized calendar may be made by the President with a majority of Board members in agreement. In such a case, once the President has exercised due diligence in attempting to contact all members of the Board, such a majority will be determined in accordance with those officers who have been successfully contacted.
G. Under extraordinary circumstances such as the examples listed above, two-thirds of the E-Board may also override the President’s decision not to adjust the schedule of General Body Meetings. The E-Board must discuss and reflect upon such action and any possible ramifications during a subsequent meeting of the Board.

A. Under special circumstances, the President or a majority of Officers may call a Special General Body Meeting which must be publicized in as timely a manner as possible.
B. The President may veto a majority decision by the Executive Board to call a Special or Emergency GBM. Such a veto is subject to override by two-thirds of the E-Board.
C. A Presidential call for a Special or Emergency General Body Meeting is subject to override by two-thirds of the E-Board.

Section 3. QUORUM
A. A Quorum in a General Body Meeting includes any two officers, plus a percentage of Active Members established by the E-Board while planning the GBM calendar. This percentage must be publicized no later than January of the affected year and well in advance of any regular GBM of that year.
B. If the two conditions to establish Quorum are not met, the officer(s) present may choose to proceed with a meeting. In such a case, no votes may be taken. If all officers fail to attend a GBM, the meeting is not to be held. The exception is if special arrangements, e.g. the appointment of proxies, have already been made.
    b1. A proxy for an Executive Board member must be an Active Alumni Member.
    b2. A proxy for an Active Alumni Member at a General Body Meeting can be appointed in advance  and should possess the proper qualifications.


The E-Board is the executive branch of the DMV Chapter. The E-Board is composed of the President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, Financial Secretary and Parliamentarian.

Section 2.  MEETINGS
A. The E-Board shall establish a calendar of regular E-Board meetings for the calendar year.
B. Officers should participate in at least a majority of these agreed-upon meetings. Any officer who anticipates his or her absence (both physical and virtual) from a meeting should arrange for a qualified proxy to act in their place. The President or the Board must be notified of this arrangement in advance; dire emergencies excepted.
C. A majority of the Board must agree to any altering of the established E-Board meeting calendar.
D. Under special circumstances, the President may call a Special or Emergency Meeting of the Executive Board. Due diligence must be exercised in attempting to notify every Board Member of such a meeting. No official action may be taken without such an effort. Officers who are unable to participate are asked, but not required, to appoint qualified proxies.
E. Under special circumstances, a majority of the Board may call a Special or Emergency Meeting of the Executive Board. Due diligence must be exercised in attempting to notify every Board Member of such a meeting. No official action may be taken without such an effort. Officers who are unable to participate are asked, but not required, to appoint qualified proxies.
F. In general, the Board will not prohibit other Members of the chapter from observing its meetings. However, it reserves the right to do so when practical.
G. The Board will not exclude board members from participation in its meetings, except under extraordinary circumstances, e.g. discussion of corrective action involving the excluded member. Under such circumstances, the officer in question must be made aware that such a meeting is to be held. Only under extraordinary circumstances of a positive nature, e.g. discussion of a commendation for an officer, may the Board intentionally meet without the knowledge of an officer.

A. The President may choose to officially commend any officer other than him/herself. The President must notify the Board in advance. If there is opposition within the Board, a vote must be taken before the commendation can be issued.
B. A majority of the E-Board may vote to officially commend any member of the chapter.
C. In order for the General Body to remove an elected officer or appointed committee member from his or her post, a simple majority must choose to hold a recall vote. The upcoming recall vote must be well-publicized, and as stated above, at least two-thirds of those voting must vote in favor of the recall.
D. An officer can be suspended from his or her post with a minimum two-thirds majority vote within the E-Board. Only in matters involving serious criminal allegations or serious civil action does the Board have the right to suspend an officer for a period of longer than 60 days.
E. The Executive Board maintains the right to censure an officer for behavior unbecoming of that person’s office. A minimum of two-thirds of the E-Board must vote in favor of censure.
F. An officer who is the subject of corrective action has the right to appeal such action beyond the chapter level.


The officers are elected during the second quarter of the calendar year prior to the Homecoming meeting, to coincide with election of national alumni officers; except in the case of an Off Cycle Election.  The officers shall be elected for a term of two (2) years. The office of President and Vice-President are limited to two (2) consecutive terms in the same elected office. In the absence of a suitable candidate for officer positions, the incumbent shall serve on an interim basis until an elected replacement is made.

Section  2.  NOMINATIONS
Nominees must be Alumni Members in good standing in the DMV Chapter.

The Executive Committee shall prepare a slate of candidates before the scheduled election.  It will be the duty of the Executive Committee to:
A. Solicit and receive nominations from the Alumni Members of Club 5.
B. Provide timely notice of office vacancies, requirements and timelines.
C. Distribute the slate 30 days prior to the election.
D. Notify the Executive Board and General Body of election results.

Section  4. VACANCIES
Two nominees will be provided by the Executive Committee to fill any Executive Board vacancy.  Active General Body Members will elect one of the two nominees by majority vote at the next General Body Meeting.  Such Elected Officers shall serve until the next General Election.


A. The Executive Committee shall consist of the Elected Officers and Committee Chairpersons.  
B. The Executive Committee shall transact the business of the DMV Alumni Chapter.  All expenditures and projects sponsored by the Alumni Chapter must be approved by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Committee.  
C. The Committee Chairpersons shall be able to participate in Executive Committee meetings but will not have an Executive Board vote.
D. Any Executive officer who is unable to fill his/her responsibilities and duties must submit a letter of resignation to the Executive Committee.

The President shall appoint a chairperson for each Standing Committee.  Each chairperson shall assume responsibility for all activities of that committee.  Standing committees are as follows:
A. Membership and Reclamation
B. Fundraising
C. Outreach
D. Social

Ad-Hoc Committees may be appointed by the President as needed for a specific function. A special assignment, such as Historian, may be appointed by the President.

All Committee Chairpersons shall be responsible for setting and conducting Committee Meetings for the purpose of preparing, studying, and/or planning for various projects.  Committee Chairpersons shall submit a report of their meeting to the General Body at the subsequent meeting.  All Standing Committee Chairpersons are required to attend all Executive Board Meetings.  All other Committee Chairpersons are to attend Executive Board Meetings by invitation only.

The Bylaws may also be viewed and downloaded here.

(Revised January 21, 2017)

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